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Book Title:A Cinderella Story

by:Robin Wasserman
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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this is a story about a girl named Sam Montgomery. Sam's mom died when she was 3 years old and then her father married a women named Fiona. Sam growing up and Fiona is the worst person Sam thinks at least. Sam grew older and when she was 16 everything went wrong. Fiona made her work at the dinner on roller skates and she re named it Fiona's Dinner. Fiona put an Elvis clock over Sam's and her dads favorite saying. Near the end of the book Sam finds her true love.
I fell bad for Sam because she got torcerd by Fiona and she was like her servant. I feel really bad for Sam because Fiona's kids kicked Sam out of her room and had to move to the acid. I feel bad for Sam because she also gets torched by some girls at her school.

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