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Wikitastic Book Review

Book Title: Absolutely Lucy

Author: by: Illene Cooper

Rating: Wiki-rific: wwww

Number of Pages: 74

Summary: This book is about a kid named Bobby who does not have any friends. He is very shy. On his birthday he invited his 3 cousins to his party. His 2 older cousins came late and his little cousin Jenny said for his birthday he was going to get an eagle. His 2 older cousins arrived and they opened the presents. When his mom and dad gave him their presents, his dad handed Bobby a beagle puppy. His cousin had mis-pronounced beagle. Bobby was happy. After the party, Bobby thought of a name for the dog. He named her Lucy. Bobby took Lucy on a walk. When they were walking back Mr. Dave, an elderly man, was outside on his rocking chair. He looked like he was asleep. Bobby said hi to Mr. Dave. Mr. Dave told Bobby to get his mom. His mom came running over, Mr. David said to get the medicine in his house. Mr. Dave felt better. Bobby had his first friend, thanks to Lucy. His mom said Lucy needed to go obedience school. Bobby met a new girl named Candy. Bobby met the new neighbor who also was shy like him. He asked if he wanted to play with Lucy in the back yard. Lucy helped Bobby to meet people and make friends.

Opinion: I thought this was a good book because if he did not have a dog, he would not have any friends. I liked how the story was written and that the book had some funny illustrations.