Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title: Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls

by: Meg Cabot
Wiki-tastic: WWWW
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This book is about a girl named Allie that moved to a new house, and is attending a new school.
In Allie's new class, there is a girl named Rosemary that say she will beat Allie up.
Then, Allie finds out that Rosemary just wants to have friends.
Later on in the story Allie will get a new babie cat from a lovely cat named Lady Serena Archibald.
When Allie finds out that the kittens needs special care, Allie's parents question getting Mewsett, What Allie was going to name the cat.
I would reccomend this book for everyone. Especialy people that like to follow rules. The reason why I would reccomend this book is because it teaches responsibilitie. Like, when Allie decided she was going to take care of a premature kitten.

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