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Book Title:Caring for Your Guinea Pig

by:Jill Foran
Number of Pages:
It talks about how to take care of a guinea pigs. Guinea pigs where created in South America and the Europeans sailed too South America to get the guinea pigs.There are a lot of facts. There are certain brushes that you have too use. You can feed them veggies and fruits. You can store them in a cage or a wooden cage. Most people believe that wooden cages are better for the guinea pigs.You can get guinea pigs
at your local animal shelter.
I like this book because it tells you about how to take care of a guinea pigs.I want a guinea pig. It talks about where they came from.It has everything about guinea pigs.I like the pictures. They show people holding guinea pigs.I like how they keep clean. I think that guinea pigs are very harmless creatures.

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